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Lynia Classes is Online Video Classes Platform For English Spoken. We are providing video in three medimum English , Hindi and Malyalam

Privacy Policy and Terms and condition


We offer a simple way of learning English Grammar through online mode. Anyone aged 12+ can make use of these classes to boost their confidence in English.


We offer two courses (1) Basic Grammar Course (2) Advanced Grammar Course .

The user can option for English/Malayalam/ Hindi as the medium of learning


Duration of the courses is 31 Days


The user will be provided a 3 day Demo class. If he/she wishes to continue further, a payment of 499/- has to be done via Google pay/ Bank transfer and Razor Pay.

Cancelation and refund

If he/she wishes to discontinue, cancellation can be done in Six days in case of which entire amount will be refunded in their same bank account. No service charges will be deducted from your amount will be credit in your accout with in 6-7 Bussiness Days. In case If you want to discontinue your cource after 6 days there wll be no refund and cancelation policy

Privacy Policy

1• All the datas provided by the user will be kept confidential.
2• We store your last login details with date and time to provide the next lecture in case you don't get time to attend classes.
3• We don't store any kind of your device details and other informations which are not related to Lynia classes.
4• We don't store your location.
5• We store only your name, mobile number and your address details to provide better service to each student.
6• If you forget your login details you can contact /call us on +91-93584-82857
7• If you have logged in through a promoter you can contact them to get solution of your problems.
8• Lynia classes provides promoters to facilitate our students.
9• If you are introduced by a promoter you have to enter promoter code when you signup.

Terms and Condition

1• Lynia classes is providing three days free demo class for understanding our teaching method
2• If you want to continue the class after three days you have to pay an amount of 1299/-Indian rupee.
3• After the completion of your payment you must inform us your details on / call at +919358482857 at the same time you can contact your promoter
4• We won't approve your account in the demo time period. Your account will be approved only after the payment confirmation from our teams.
5• Students are strictly prohibited to share our- lectures,notes, test and exercise modules.
6• Students are strictly prohibited to take screenshot or download the content while using the app
7• In case we found any student who shares our data with other students shall be deactivated and will not be refunded
8• If want to change your login details due to security reason you have to contact with our team through the mail or above mentioned contact number and you have no right to make any changes.
9• You can access only one lecture and its materials in a day.
10• If you skip the class after watching half then the next day you won't get the same class
11• Suppose after watching fourth lecture you are not suppose to watch the class regularly for a few days, when you will be back to the class you get from the fifth lecture onwards


All complaints are subjected to jurisdiction of Shri Vijaynagar, Sriganganagar court. Before going to court, arbitration proceedings are to be completed.


•Contact: +91-93584-82857
•Address:- Shop No 20 Ward No 10, Shri VijayNagar,Sri Ganganagar, Raj. 335704 .